About Solow


 SolowDaBoss …

is a multi-talented entrepreneur from the great state of Texas. He is a music recording artist, photographer, videographer, writer,business owner as well as a loved father.He released his first album RNS(2013). Although a great project of it’s own, Solow’s growth in his new addition, Playground Dreams(2017) is clearly evident. He recently released his first of many YouTube videos and will continue to bring visuals to his story telling, allowing his thoughts to fully come to life on screen. Solow has currently shown interest in movies stating he’d either be a great actor or great producer. Doesn’t seem too far fetched with the amount of talent he has shown over the years.From content he speaks on, to his style of delivery. He stated he wants to “Go in the studio and do something different”. Never one to shy away from a challenge and always one to believe in family first, have been 2 of many essentials he has lived by. Solow has promised to give the people good quality music that is not only relevant but understandable as well.He speaks daily on the many opportunities that we tend to talk about as people but never truly take advantage of. Truly,I can’t see him allowing anything to stop him from remaining focused on the tasks he has set forth, hence the name given, Boss.