Playground Dreams Yeeen Know

Texas artist Solowdaboss has just released new music off his 2nd upcoming album Playground Dreams titled “Yeeen Know” .It’s a instant classic with shots fired all around.. Solow starts his verse with the following lines

What ya want do ni**a let me hear bout it, wont brang no hoe out me bout it, If you talk that shit better be bout it, Cause them ni**az round me gone see bout it……If yeeen know, and they dont play fair, anywhere you wanna take it lemme meet you there, it’s a way to get a mil out the streets but you run  into the wrong niggaz and you gone stay there!!”

Wow!!!! I can’t even say anything less than exactly that.. Whomever those words are meant for will definitely feel every single shot.This song is by far one of the hottest tracks in the streets of Texas at this moment. Solow starts his 2nd verse with the following lines….

Need to stop talking bout what you gone do, before a real killah pull up on you, then whatcha gone do if it pop off,ni**ah catch ya at the light start letting shots off…Aint no play if we talk about war, you better find me if i know who you are,I be one deep when im getting it off, these ni**az act hard but they cookie dough soft…. 

His latest album still has minimum features and will be one of the hottest to drop in the state of Texas once the official date comes. With some good networking, promotion and lots of dedicated time I can truly see Solowdaboss becoming one of the hottest artist out of the South. Click the link below to listen to Yeeen Know by Solowdaboss produced by SuperProducer Denero.

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